Vegan Ginger Chocolate Ice Cream

by Sarah Khan July 30, 2018

I am an absolute chocoholic! Anything that looks, smells, tastes, or resembles chocolate in any form is in my mouth within seconds. From frozen yoghurt to soft serve to sundaes to cones, ice cream is my go-to staple  food.

Because of this I have become more conscious of what food I fuel my body with especially now that I work for REACH organics, a vegan chocolate snack company. I have begun to make my own custard creations - not only have I gotten more creative but I have become obsessed. This summer I am exploring vegan ice cream!

My most recent search led me to a quick, clean and simple vegan ice cream recipe. To make it extra special I added in just one more ingredient ginger cardamom (my favorite REACH truffle). What’s better than a six-ingredient vegan recipe? It turned out absolutely fantastic!!! Surprisingly, it’s an indulging and creamy ice cream. Upon sampling, my taste buds had ascended straight into chocolate heaven.

Listed below is the recipe with my added special ingredient:

Vegan Ginger Chocolate Ice Cream


Mix all Ingredients
Freeze Overnight


Melt the vegan plain chocolate. Crumble the granola truffles and combine. Pour the mixture into the coconut milk. Mix and pour into a freezer safe container. Freeze until semi- frozen. In the same bowl, blend your mixture with the sunflower oil, coconut cream, and a healthy spoon of maple syrup. Mix this until all the ingredients have combined. Then just freeze until solid (the more time the better). Once frozen, you can finally enjoy!

Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan


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